When Traveling to Japan, you should get an advantage of Japanese airlines. When promotion period, you can get cheaper rates to fly to Japan. You can book online to fly.

Both Narita Airport and Haneda Airport are near from Tokyo and if you can choose on flying to Tokyo, fly to Narita airport. The route from Yangon to Japan will land on Narita airport will make you better availability of tickets. You can transfer to Tokyo both by train and by bus. Traveling by train will be cheaper than by bus.

The JR railways ticket which are dedicated for foreigners with flat rate can be booked outside Japan. Japan is using large rail network so,believe that booking rail ticket will help you to travel great.

There are two types of tickets, Ordinary Line and Green Line:

Using the prepaid card is usually more convenient than buying ticket each time you travel.

You can search train lines over the internet and reserving via it will help you better traveling.

Ordinary Car will cost lower than Green Car.

Green Cars are less crowded and more suitable for couple and group to sit together.

If you have to go short trips for many times you should grab Pasmo or Suica card will help you to go fast. They are prepaid card and you can popup for going use.

Cabs are extremely expensive in Japan, you can try Hypermedia for 30 days free. The main feature of this apps is you can search for your route and how will you cost by travelling there with optimal charges.

Translating with machine is not as convenient as Human translation. However, when you are in hurry, the machine is better than nothing.

Wherever you go, it is still optimal. When you phone has low power or off, even you lost your phone. You can show your resident address by printed paper. When you show that, the driver will help you to arrive there.

Using Foreign Card in Japan is very unusual for living. You cannot get the ATM which allow to grab your money. The best way is you should get money with you and if you only bring the card, please find the place to withdraw money easily.

If you want something immediately, you can go nearest grocery shop, even 7-eleven. You can get ranging from the needle to top up. You can also get hot foods of your convenient.

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