Japan is the cultural country which may be differ from our cultures, ranging from living and works.
To work in Japan, you should also be noted on the tips to prepare Japanese Interview.

A person will escort you to Interview room and you have to wait until interviewer arrive.

When waiting in interview room. Using mobile and other things will say that you are impatient and rude.

When the interviewer arrives, You must stand and greet him. Otherwise, sitting on your chair means you are not prepared and you will not able to greet your potential customers and even them.

Handshaking is not the cultural of Japanese. So, you should only shake hands when the interviewer start giving his hand. When shaking hands, bowing yourself means you are respectful.

Interviewer will give you his name card. You should accept his card with your both hands and respectful and remember some information on his card and even memorise his name. When sitting back, rest your hand on your lap, without putting them on table.

In Japanese

(watashi, xxxxxxxx , tou moshimasu) わたし、xxxxxxxx ともうします。

(Honjistu wa, yoroshiku onegai-itashimasu) 本日は、よろしくお願い致します。

like this. When you pronounce your name, slowly pronounce. Every citizens will not be familiar and difficult to get foreign names.

When leaving the interview, you should bow and put your chair in, means that you are taking care of little thing. And let the interviewer go first and following after him will mean you are taking care of your potential customer. One thing to care, you are being assessed including your body language.
So, please be the best on everything.

採用の流れAdoption of flow
採用事例Adoption case